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As a service provider we are also a leader
in the service and logistical areas. Worldwide
more than 170 countries via Häfele.
Schneider provides you with perfectly functioning service and support worldwide, which also includes the procurement of trade goods from more than 1,500 Häfele suppliers. On the one hand, this is because we can always rely on Häfele's global organisation as an independent subsidiary of the internationally operating Häfele group for hardware technology. On the other hand, it is because we have our own modern logistical systems that provide our customers with impeccable delivery reliability and adherence to delivery dates. "Just in time" means more to Schneider than just meeting deadlines. Small, medium and large production runs are guaranteed to be in the right place at the right time in the right quantities because of our continuous processes, all the way to our raw material suppliers. As you can see: As a system partner, Schneider provides you with economical complete solutions that really do deserve this title. From requirement analysis to customer satisfaction.
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